In order to support activities that foster positive interpersonal relations and counteract the phenomena of discrimination, mobbing and sexual harassment, the Anti-Bullying and Anti-Discrimination Procedure at Gdansk University of Technology has been implemented.

According to the procedure:

  • relations between all members of the academic community should be based on the principles of mutual respect, tolerance and respect for personal dignity and opposing actions bearing the characteristics of discrimination, mobbing or sexual harassment,
  • it is unacceptable to take advantage of a privileged professional position in the relationship between supervisor and employee or teacher and student/doctoral student in a way that is incompatible with the applicable laws and social norms,
  • creating situations conducive to discrimination, mobbing or sexual harassment may be considered a violation of the basic duties of employees or the duties of participants in the various forms of education provided at Gdansk University of Technology,
  • if the manifestations of discrimination, mobbing or sexual harassment indicated in the notification are substantiated, they constitute a prohibited act as defined in the applicable criminal law. The University will notify the relevant law enforcement authorities of the threat or suspicion of an offence.