HR services

If you have questions about your job position, employment contract, annexes to your contract or other issues related to your employment, contact the appropriate employee of HR Center:

HR Center – Personnel Department (Building B – building10 on the campus map)

  • academic staff of: FETI, FMEST, Library:
    Jolanta Gawor,, phone: +48 58 347 26 24, Building B, room 113
  • academic staff of:  FA, FCEE, FECE:
    Ewa Pęczek,, phone: +48 58 347 13 74, Building B, room 113
  • academic staff of:  FCh, FAPM, FME, Centers:
    Monika Byczkowska,, phone: +48 58 347 66 64, Building B, room 113
  • central administration staff:
    Jolanta Sroka,, phone: +48 58 347 14 56, Building B, room 112
  • administrative staff of: FA, FCh, FETI, FMEST, Patent Attorneys Office:
    Beata Przerada,, phone: +48 58 347 15 65, Building B, room 112
  • administrative staff of: FECE, FAPM, FCEE, FME, Library, Centers:
    Alina Łabuzińska,, phone: +48 58 347 14 53, Building B, room 112
Sick leave and other absences
  • Employees are not required to provide electronic sick leave notes; they are automatically sent to the PUE (electronic services platform) profile of Gdańsk University of Technology and to ZUS system. However, the provisions of the labor law require that the employer be notified of the absence in any form on the second day of absence at the latest.
  • More information:      
  • HR Center – Personnel Department
    Mariola Hynek,, phone: +48 58 347 11 65
    Martyna Rożniakowska,, phone: +48 58 347 25 68
Employment certificate

You can obtain an employment certificate to be submitted to a bank or other institution from HR Center – Personnel Department; the certificates can also be issued in English.

More information:      

HR Center – Personnel Department
Dagmara Miderska,, phone:+48 58 347 16 51
Paulina Kryszyn,, phone: +48 58 347 22 47

Jubilee awards

The employee is entitled to a jubilee award in the amount proportional to the years of continuous employment:

  • 75% of monthly salary – for 20 years of work;,
  • 100% of monthly salary – for 25 years of work,
  • 150% of monthly salary – for 30 years of work,
  • 200% of monthly salary – for 35 years of work,
  • 300% of monthly salary – for 40 years of work,
  • 400% of monthly salary – for 45 years of work.

More information:      

HR Center – Personnel Department
Dagmara Miderska,, phone: +48 58 347 16 51
Paulina Kryszyn,, phone: +48 58 347 22 47

Seniority bonus

The length of service allowance is 1% of the basic salary for each year of employment. The allowance is paid monthly, starting from the fourth year of employment, but the amount of the allowance may not exceed 20% of the basic salary.

If the employee acquires the right to an allowance or the right to a higher rate of allowance within a month, the allowance is due from the first day of the month following the month in which the employee acquired this right.

Documents confirming length of service, which are taken into account in the calculation of seniority:

  • employment certificates confirming employment outside Gdańsk Tech,
  • certificate confirming the period of receiving unemployment benefit from the employment office,
  • certificate of completed PhD studies and obtaining a PhD degree,
  • a document confirming completed military service,
  • documents regarding payment of the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (Polish acronym: KRUS) or running a farm.

Documents entitling to the seniority award in a foreign language should be delivered together with their translation into Polish, made by a sworn translator. More information:      

HR Center – Personnel Department
Dagmara Miderska,, phone: +48 58 347 16 51
Paulina Kryszyn,, phone: +48 58 347 22 47

Decorations, medals

Orders and decorations awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland are the highest distinction of merit.

Applications for the award of the following state orders and decorations are submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science:

  • Order of Polonia Restituta - awards for outstanding merit in the service of the state and society, i.e.: outstanding achievements in state and public activities undertaken for the benefit of the country, special merit in strengthening the country's sovereignty and defense, special merits in the development of the national economy, public service and distinguished scientific, literary and artistic creativity, outstanding contribution to development of cooperation between the Republic of Poland and other countries and nations;
  • Cross of Merit - awards for service to the state or citizens by activity exceeding the scope of one’s usual duties, through self-sacrificing public activity, self-sacrificing help and charity activities;
  • Medal for Long-Time Service - awards for exemplary, exceptionally conscientious performance of duties resulting from professional work in the service of the Republic of Poland.

The Medal of the Commission of National Education (KEN) is a distinction for recognition of special merits in education, in particular in the field of didactic activity, educational and guardianship activities.

The supervisor (dean, director of a center and the chancellor in the case of employees of central administration) applies for the award to be granted to an employee. The superiors are informed about the deadline for submitting applications for decorations in the rector's letter at the beginning of each year. Applications, after being reviewed by the Rector's Committee for Orders and Distinctions and KEN Medal and approved by the rector, are sent to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, by 31 March of a given calendar year.

More information:      

HR Center – Personnel Department
Joanna Zielińska,, phone: +48 58 347 11 65, +48 58 347 25 68

Academic ID Card

The academic ID card entitles to a 33% discount for traveling by means of public transport, by rail and by bus, on the basis of single or monthly personal tickets.

The application for a service card can be submitted in Moja PG portal. To submit an application, you need a photo with dimensions of at least 20 mm × 25 mm and a resolution of at least 300 dpi. A fee is charged for issuing a service card or its duplicate.

HR Center is responsible for issuing, replacing and validating official service cards for academic teachers.

More information:      

HR Center – Personnel Department
Mariola Hynek,, phone: +48 58 347 11 65
Martyna Rożniakowska,, phone: +48 58 347 25 68

Employee capital plans

University employees can join a savings system – Employee Capital Plans (Polish acronym PPK). Contributions to PPK are invested in a fund managed by Pekao TFI SA.

Contributions deposited in PPK come from three sources:

  • from the employee,
  • from the employer and
  • from the Labor Fund.

Persons aged 18–55 are automatically enrolled in PPK. If you are over 55 years old, you can apply for joining the PPK on your own. Applications for joining and resigning from PPK can be found in Moja PG (Payroll).

More information:      

Bursary – Payroll
Dorota Szulc,, phone: +48 58 347 27 96