The rules for applying for a pension are provided for by legal acts:

Persons who have reached the statutory retirement age of 60 years for women and 65 years for men are entitled to apply for an old-age pension. Documents related to old-age and disability pensions are prepared by the employees themselves.

Retritment seversance

An employee of the university who retires or retires due to incapacity for work is entitled to a one-time severance pay in the amount of 300% of the basic salary received for the last full month of employment.

In the case of academic teachers, the severance pay referred to above is granted only if Gdańsk University of Technology is their primary place of work within the meaning of the Act.

More information can be found in Remuneration Rules.

Professor Emeritus of Gdańsk University of Technology

After retiring and terminating the employment relationship, employees holding the title of professors of Gdańsk Tech are entitled to become Professor Emeritus of Gdańsk University of Technology. Professor Emeritus has the following powers:

  • is listed in the personal information system of Gdańsk University of Technology and among employees of the department where they worked,
  • may be invited in an advisory capacity to meetings of Gdańsk Tech Senate and the faculty council,
  • has the right to use the library and e-mail of Gdańsk University of Technology,
  • has the right to enter the premises of Gdańsk University of Technology by car and use the car park on generally accepted terms.

Particularly distinguished employees holding the title of professors receive the title of Honorary Professor Emeritus of Gdańsk University of Technology. The process of conferring this title and the powers associated with these titles are defined by the rector in Regulation of the Rector No. 18/2014 of 7 April 2014.

You do not have to part with Gdańsk University of Technology when reaching the retirement! You can still pursue your passions and share your knowledge. We invite you to joint Gdańsk Tech Senior Club, as well as the activities within the Volunteer Center.
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