Gdańsk University of Technology has its own holiday resort, located in the picturesque surroundings of Kashubian lakes and forests: near Kościerzyna, on Lake Jelenie.

The resort offers the following amenities:

  • 3-, 4- i 5-person cottage,
  • bicycle rent,
  • playground,
  • multifunctional sports field complex,
  • guarded beach,
  • picnic space with fire pit,
  • café,
  • common room,
  • TV room,
  • kayaks, water bikes, sailing boats,
  • outdoor gym,
  • Wi-Fi access.

Every year, from mid-June to mid-September, two-week holiday stays are organized for our employees, their families and friends.

Holiday in the resort is co-funded from the University Social Benefits Fund.

If you are planning to spend summer holiday at the resort (two-week stay), you can book your stay by filling in an application online. Registration takes place in March, each year. The exact date and rules of registration are sent to employees in a message.

During summer holiday at the resort, there is a number of activities organized for children and seniors.

You can also relax in the resort outside the summer season. If you plan to rest for a shorter period of time or out of season, such application can be downloaded and submitted in the application intake period, at HR Center – Personnel Department.

Up-to-date information on the resort can always be found in the HR Newsletter and in the announcements in the Employee tab.

If you have additional questions about the offer, visit FAQ or contact HR Center.

Contact: HR Center  – Personnel Department

Attractions     Cottage with full sanitary facilities

Cottage with cold water and WC