At our University, we take care not only of you, but also of your children.

As part of the University Social Benefit Fund, your children can:

  • take advantage of holiday allowance for children and youth (winter camps, summer camps, camps) organized by Gdańsk University of Technology or purchased individually from another organizer (holiday allowance is available to children and youth up to 18 years old, once a year for each child),
  • participate in a carnival party (applies to children aged 3–10),
  • receive a New Year's gift (applies to children aged 3-15).

Additionally, you can:

  • register your child for the Benefit sports and recreation program (MultiSport Kids Aqua Card) - up to three children aged up to 15,
  • take the children with you to classes organized by the Academic Sports Center of Gdańsk University of Technology. Every year, the center prepares an attractive offer for employees and their families, i.a. purchase of swimming pool passes,
  • sign up your child for winter and summer camps for children and teenagers organized by the Academic Sports Centre,
  • take your child to classes organized as part of the Multigenerational University of Technology,
  • enroll your 10-12-year-old child for "studies" at the Children's University of Economics (EUD) run by the Foundation for the Promotion and Accreditation of Economic Studies in cooperation with local partners, including the Faculty of Management and Economics of Gdańsk University of Technology,
  • take your child to cultural events, family picnics, concerts or exhibitions organized by the university for employees and their families,
  • encourage your child to engage in social and volunteer activities and together join our Volunteer Center.

You can also take your children on a holiday stay to our Holiday Resort in Czarlina, where HR Center organizes classes for children and youth.

Current information and offers for children and youth can always be found in the HR Newsletter and in the Announcements in the Employee tab.

Do you have additional questions about benefits for children and youth? Contact the HR Center – Social Affairs Team.