Employees who have experienced difficult situations in the workplace can be supported by specialists in the following areas:

  • bullying, discrimination, unequal treatment - support and counselling for experienced bullying, discrimination and unequal treatment and micro-violent behaviour at the University;
  • neurodiversity - support for staff working with people on the autism spectrum or with ADHD. During the consultation, the employee will learn how to create an effective shared work space, how to support the learning process and create optimal conditions in the academic space;
  • support after a crisis intervention in the workplace - for people employed at the Gdansk University of Technology who have directly or indirectly participated in a crisis intervention in the workplace (including, for example, after providing support to a student in a suicidal crisis - suicide attempt);
  • Building constructive relationships in the team - support for all employees in building constructive relationships with colleagues, subordinates and superiors. During the course of the consultation, the employee will develop an action plan to address difficult situations within the work team.

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