Medical care

As an employee of the university, you can join the additional Medical Care insurance (together with your spouse or life partner and children). This insurance enables treatment in selected medical facilities indicated by PZU. Joining, changing, resigning must be reported personally to the Personnel Department.

If you have any additional questions concerning medical care, visit FAQ or contact HR Center.  

HR Center – Social Affairs Team
Anna Lipińska,, phone. +48 58 347 29 56
Magdalena Miszkurka,, phone. +48 58 347 11 42
Agnieszka Rucińska,, phone. +48 58 348 63 75
Sylwia Włodkowska,, phone. +48 58 347 20 66

Occupational medicine

From 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2023, occupational medicine examinations are performed by Medical Center “Polmed”.
If you have any additional questions concerning occupational medicine, visit FAQ or contact HR Center


HR Center – Social Affairs Team
Magdalena Miszkurka,, tel. +48 58 347 11 42

Eyewear reimbursement

If you use a screen monitor for at least half of your daily working time, you are entitled to a refund for the purchase of glasses or contact lenses.

If you have any additional questions about rimbursement of the purchase of glasses or contact lenses, visit FAQ or contact a person responsible for eyewear reimbursement at your organizational unit.


Lunch break

Meal breaks are important in maintaining daily balance and a pause from current affairs. A temporary change of environment, a conversation with colleagues outside the office reduces stress and allows you to return to your duties with new strength. On campus you will find vending machines with coffee and snacks, as well as ten bars and buffets:

  • Caffe Bar Mikawa, Main Building, level –1 (building No. 1 on the campus map)
  • Hydrostacja, Hydromechanics building, ground floor (building No.11 on the campus map)
  • MiXTURA, Chemistry C, level –1 (building No. 5 on the campus map)
  • LOVEAT, Auditorium Novum, ground floor (building No. 17 on the campus map)
  • PUB w KWADRACIE, AK PG Kwadratowa (building No. 23 on the campus map)
  • Buffet in ETI (bulding No.42 on the campus map)
  • Kambuz Bar (building No.30 on the campus map, ground floor)
  • GO-IBO Bar (building No. 30 on the campus map, ground floor)
  • Fresz Cafe (building No. 50 on the campus map, ground floor)
  • 3 smaki (Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, ul. Fiszera 14)
Benefit program (Multisport card)

As an employee, you can join the Benefit program. You can also enroll an accompanying person and children to the program. The list of sports facilities can be found on the website The card allows you to take part in online activities: consultations, diet creators, courses, as well as stationary activities: swimming pool, yoga, gym, sauna, dance and dozens of others.

If you have any additional questions concerning the Benefit program, visit FAQ or contact HR Center


HR Center – Social Affairs Team
Agnieszka Rucińska,, phone: +48 58 348 63 75


You can also take part in classes and activities at the Academic Sport Center and other facilities of Gdańsk University of Technology: football fields, sports hall, gym, rowing room, aerobics, judo, swimming pools and tennis courts.

More information:

Academic Sport Center
Agnieszka Głowacka,, phone: +48 58 347 15 89
Andrzej Bussler,, phone: +48 668 433 540

Updated information can always be found in the Announcements in the Employee tab, as well as on the website of the Academic Sport Center.

Vacation to save your health

An academic teacher who is under 65 years of age and employed full-time after at least 10 years of employment at the university is entitled to paid leave for health purposes in order to carry out recommended treatment if his or her health condition requires refraining from work. .

The total amount of sick leave during the entire period of employment of an academic teacher may not exceed one year.

An academic teacher taking sick leave cannot perform any paid job during that time.

More information:      

Center HR – Personnel Department
Mariola Hynek,, phone: +48 58 347 11 65

Psychological health

It is important to take care of every area of your life, including harmony and inner peace. We conduct activities for mental balance, workshops increasing self-awareness, training in the field of stress prevention and occupational burnout, as well as techniques for coping with stress and anxiety.

Current announcements regarding our activities can be found in the HR Newsletter and in the Employee tab.